HKIE – EG DIVISION, Session 2021-2022


It is my honor to be elected as Chairman of the Gas & Energy Division for Session 2021/2022. I would like to thank the immediate Past Chairman and all committee members for their leadership and dedication in past year.

Despite the pandemic situation of COVID-19 persists, the Division committee of this Session is committed to provide technical talks, visits, virtual tours, and seminars by application of more information technology means to meet the needs of members meanwhile to maintain the social distancing requirement.

The new Division committee consists of members from different areas of gas and energy disciplines, including construction companies, consultants, government departments and utilities companies. With the expertise of members of diversified background, I am confident that the committee can help leading the Division to achieve its goal and reach new heights.

In this challenging and difficult time, as professional gas and energy engineers we should be able to contribute more to build a greener and smarter city of Hong Kong. We will collaborate with industry leaders and local academia to arouse the public interest in the importance of gas and energy technology to our society. We shall hold a wide range of technical events such as field trips or virtual tours, seminars or webinars, as well as STEM promotional activities. It is of paramount importance to nurture our young generation through these activities for the sake of sustainable future development for our industry.   

With the continual and unfailing support from committee members, I believe the organized activities will bring fruitful values to members of our Division. I look forward to your dedication and participation for another successful year to come.



Chairman of the HKIE Gas and Energy Division Session 2021/22