Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   10/05/2018 Seminar Technical Seminar: Nurturing Future Power Expertise
   21/04/2018 Technical Visit Technical Visit to CLP Low Carbon Energy Education Centre (LCEEC)
   23/02/2018 Seminar Technical Talk on: “Bioethanol: Is it a Suitable Biofuel for Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Hong Kong
   06/02/2018 Seminar Technical Talk on LPG Pumping
   16/12/2017 Technical Visit Technical visit to Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Site
   09/11/2017 Study Tour Study Tour to Guangdong
   31/10/2017 Seminar Technical Talk on Commercial Use Gas Safety
   29/10/2017 Symposium Nanjing Gas Facilities Technical Visit cum Polyethylene (PE) Conference
   30/09/2017 Technical Visit Technical visit to Zero Carbon Building
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